Three-dimensional printed circuit boards make perfect use of restricted installation space. What’s more, the chance of directly interconnecting parts on different PCBs or PCB segments eliminates connectors and cabling.

3D PCBs not only increase packing density, reduce weight or increase reliability of the assembly: they open up entirely new design opportunities and reduce system costs.


Multi-dimensional PCBs can be designed using various methods, stack up variants and materials. We offer different technologies to optimally implement your 3D PCB. Each of the three methods uses different designs and offers unique technical features and design advantages and sets its own limits.

Single bending using HSMtec

Selective integration of copper wires and profiles enables designs with self-supporting 3D PCB structures. Electrical interconnections and thermal couplings can be totally integrated into the PCB. So high flexibility for most versatile multi-dimensional applications are available at hand:

single bending
  • Self-supporting, rigid 3D designs with no need for additional mounting
  • Elimination of connectors and cables cuts costs
  • Optical flexibility through individual alignment of unique LEDs for lighting applications
  • Max. bending angle: ± 90 degrees


Multiple bendings using Rigid-flex

The rigid-flex PCB technology offers an extraordinary diversity of layout options and geometries and thus became an indispensable part of today’s interconnection technologies.

multiple bendings
  • Symmetric and asymmetric stack ups
  • Final thickness range form 0.8 mm to 2.0 mm
  • Several flex layers possible
  • Bending radius of 1 mm or larger
  • Max. bending angle: 180 degrees


Design to cost using Semi-flex

Semi-flex PCBs could be the alternative offering sound cost advantages, when compared with the standard rigid-flex solution. They optimally serve applications with static bending stress during assembly and installation.

  • Cost-cutting alternative to rigid-flex
  • Bending radius 5 mm or larger
  • Max. bending angle: 180 degrees


Your way to our PCBs

Our skilled team will actively support you with its competency during the realization of your 3D project.

  • Creation of an individual concept based on your requirements
  • Support during design, dimensioning, concept selection and layouting of your 3D PCB
  • Thermals measurements and analyses
  • We do not only provide design services and mass production. On request, we will assemble and install your product in cooperation with our proven network partners