Impedance-tested PCBs

Impedance – control signals the precise way.


To ensure signal integrity in electrical higher frequency transmission systems, the following applies: Sender, transmission line and receiver of the signals must feature the same characteristic impedance:

For printed circuit boards this means that suitable, follow-up impedance-controlled transmission lines in form of impedance-controlled traces must be found. As a special service, we adapt the properties of the PCBs tracks, so that they reflect the customer-required impedance values.


Based on our long-term built know-how and the latest equipment for impedance control (Polar Instruments, CITS900s4) we calculate and simulate the integrity of high-speed signals and modify the stack up and trace properties to suit the required impedance values.

An additional marking of impedance-controlled tracks on the layout is always a good idea.

Our Know-How – Your Benefit

Starting as early as from the planning or layout phase, we offer our customers, to perform a theoretical calculation. On request, customers may use the results of the calculation for the layer construction of their PCB.


Testcoupons for impedance control

If you put value on verification of the achieved impedance behavior of your board, we will generate special circuits (testcoupons) on the production panel. Ideally, these testcoupons feature a track length of at least 10 cm as well as the test points required for the test instruments.



impedance controlled PCBs


Ways of impedance calculation and control


  • “Theoretical” impedance control: Calculations using Speedstack Polar Softwar
  • “Practical” impedance control: additional measurements incl. protocol print out
  • Unique in-house designed area and costs saving impedance control testcoupon
  • Special test adapter for higher volumes