“HSMtec” - Intelligent FR4 PCBs

HSMtec PCBs make it possible to override the existing limits of conventional PCB technologies for LED applications. The selective embedding of thick copper pieces in conventional FR4 PCBs allows the highest levels of performance and reliability to be achieved compared to PCB technologies such as metal core boards, while at the same time enabling maximum electrical and optical flexibility.

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High-performance FR4

  • More than 3 times the thermal conductivity of IMS
  • > 3.5 times the service life of aluminium MC-PCBs
  • Optional integrated dielectric strength > 4 kV
LED Arrays

LED arrays

  • Power levels of up to 200 W per array
  • Multilayer circuit layouts

2-in-1 multilayer boards

  • LEDs and control electronics on one board
  • Multilayer boards with the highest levels of thermal performance


  • Creative lighting and product design
  • No need for cables or connectors
  • Reduction in system costs
thermal management functional principle

With HSMtec, individual requirements can be implemented economically and in a tailored fashion, using low-cost standard materials and processes. The complete integration of all thermal, electrical and mechanical properties in a single HSMtec PCB thus results in a significant reduction in system costs compared to metal core and FR4 board designs.

HSMtec also makes it possible to create self-supporting 3D PCB structures for the implementation of an efficient optical design and creative product design.

Thermal via FR4 PCBs

thermal vias

For high levels of economy and tight budgets, we can offer you standard FR4 boards with thermal via technology, which are preferred for use in low to medium LED thermal performance categories. Copper plated through holes provide efficient thermal management in double-sided or multilayer FR4 PCBs.

Plugged thermal vias

plugged filled thermovias

Thermal vias filled with heat conducting paste allow copper plated through holes to be positioned directly below the LEDs, which results in a higher thermal conductivity than with traditional thermal via FR4 PCBs. At the same time, this guarantees easy further processing of the LED boards with standard processes.

LED Light for you - Partner network

Certification as an official partner of Osram Opto Semiconductor’s global LED Light for you network allows us to provide you with the support of expert partner companies throughout the entire value chain, from LEDs, through component manufacturers to distribution and local system integrators. Leading experts can offer you the highest level of quality and direct support in the implementation of your individual LED project.


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LEDagon network

The development of the LEDagon joint showcase project has successfully combined the various complex competencies of Arrow Electronics, Cree, Kathrein Austria and KSG Austria into a unique solution in the field of LED lighting.

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LEDagon demonstrates that a comprehensive range of technologies and services – ranging from design support through the integration of state of the art technologies, to assembly and component procurement – makes it possible to design individual LED solutions. Read more...


Your route your LED PCBs

Our team will provide you with straightforward, expert and active support in the implementation of your LED project.


  • Creation of an individual concept based on your requirements
  • Support in the design, dimensioning, concept selection and layout of your LED assembly
  • We can take care of development, series production, assembly and installation in conjunction with our network partners
  • Thermal measurements and analysis