Thermal management for power components

Power and control electronics on a single PCB.

Modern power components place high demands on the PCB. HSMtec PCB technology permits the selective embedding of thick copper pieces in standard FR4 PCBs, resulting in optimised thermal management for individual hotspots.

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The combination of high current conductor tracks, thermal management and control electronics on a single board makes it possible to reduce the operating temperature while simultaneously increasing the performance of the module.

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Extended service life and reduced system costs

The selective embedding of thick copper pieces in the form of profiles or wires results in the rapid distribution of heat in the PCB, regardless of the size and power dissipation of the individual components. In combination with the latest microvia technology, the individual components can also be connected directly to integrated high current conductor tracks. This makes it possible to integrate everything required on the same HSMtec PCB, thus significantly reducing overall system costs.


  • Increased efficiency of components and systems
  • Reduced system costs (logistics, procurement, assembly, quality assurance)
  • Optimised service life of power components
  • Standardised production and further processing
  • Combination with 3D PCB technology by means of integrated copper elements


Individual solutions guarantee high flexibility

HSMtec Layout Example
The optimum interplay of various factors determines the performance of the PCB.
heat dissipation
Integrated copper enables direct heat dissipation and high current connection.


Modern power components such as MOSFETs, IGBTs, SO-FETs, DirectFETs and many more require a combination of high current connections and control electronics on one PCB. Embedded thick copper pieces with variable widths of between 2 and 12 mm offer the greatest possible flexibility in the layout and thermal design of the PCB. The copper profiles and wires, which have a solid material connection with the etched layout, can be inserted into any layer of a multilayer board and reinforce the conductive pattern only on defined paths. This allows a significant improvement in performance to be achieved, even with existing PCB designs.


Your route to HSMtec PCBs 

Our team will provide you with straightforward, expert and active support in the implementation of your power application, to ensure that your requirements are met, both technically and economically.


  • Creation of an individual concept based on your requirements
  • Implementation of the layout in the standard process
  • Support in the design, dimensioning and concept selection of your PCB
  • Thermal measurements and analysis